User Capabilities

View Settings
Program Settings at Controller
Program Settings on Cloud
Improved Dashboard
Multi-user CapableYes
With Separate User Accounts
With Separate User Accounts
Add Multiple Users
Deactivate/ Pause Users
Delete Users
Controller Management
(Turns off specific controllers)
Manage Users
(Assigns a different level (admin or standard)
for each user)
Manage User Access
(Assignment of users to specific controller)
Assigns all users to all
controllers or none
User Tracking
Temporary Support Access
VPD Monitoring
VPD Settings
VPD Graphing

Reporting and Graphing

Data Retention for Controller Replacement
Downloading Data (CSV Format)
Custom Report Creation
Report Scheduling / Delivery (CSV or PDF Format)
Graphing Capabilities
Enhanced Graphing
Activity Logging for Setting Changes

Grow Journal

Grow Journal Input
Grow Journal Reporting
Grow Journal Graph Data Notations
Grow Journal Custom Categories
Entry- User, Date, Time Stamped
Note Add-ons to Each Entry
Automated Journal Reporting

Alarm & Notifications

Alarm Functionality
Alarm Parameter SettingsAt Controller & CloudAt Controller & Cloud
Alarm Notifications
Alarm Secondary Notification
Additional Email Notifications
Alarm Logging
Notification Logging